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Perinatal loss coaching services by Therapy For Moms – Houston, Tx.

Perinatal Loss:

Perinatal loss, the heartbreaking experience of losing a baby during pregnancy or shortly after birth, can be an incredibly difficult journey for any mother. The emotional and psychological impact of such a loss is immense, and it is crucial for a mom to receive the support and understanding she needs during this challenging time. Therapy can play a vital role in helping a mom cope with the grief, navigate the complex emotions, and find a path towards healing and resilience.

Self-Care Routine

Safe and Nonjudgmental Space:

First and foremost, therapy provides a safe and nonjudgmental space for a mom to express and explore her feelings. The loss of a baby can trigger a wide range of emotions such as sadness, guilt, anger, and even anxiety or depression. A therapist specializes in creating a supportive environment where a mom can freely express these emotions, without fear of being judged or misunderstood. Through this process, the mom can develop a deeper understanding of her feelings and find healthy ways to cope with them.

Coping with Infertility

Process Trauma and Grief:

Furthermore, therapy can help a mom process the trauma and grief associated with perinatal loss. The loss of a baby can be a traumatic event, causing profound shock and disbelief. A therapist can guide the mom through the stages of grief, providing tools and coping strategies to navigate the intense emotions that arise. Additionally, therapy can help the mom address any unresolved feelings of guilt or self-blame, helping her develop a more compassionate and forgiving perspective towards herself.

Embracing Self Care

Honor and Remember:

Another essential aspect of therapy is exploring ways to honor and remember the baby. A therapist can work with the mom to find meaningful rituals, create memory boxes, or participate in support groups where she can connect with other mothers who have experienced similar losses. This sense of connection and finding ways to commemorate the baby's memory can be instrumental in the healing process.

Postpartum Education

Find Meaning:

Ultimately, therapy can support a mom in finding meaning and purpose again after perinatal loss. It can assist in rebuilding a sense of self and identity, and in rediscovering hope and joy in life. Through the therapist's guidance, the mom can develop resilience and learn to incorporate the loss into her narrative, allowing her to move forward with renewed strength and hope.


In conclusion, therapy offers crucial support and comfort for a mom dealing with perinatal loss. It provides a safe space to express emotions, process trauma and grief, find ways to honor the baby’s memory, and ultimately embark on a journey of healing and resilience. With the help of therapy, a mom can navigate the complexities of perinatal loss and find the strength to create a meaningful and fulfilling life moving forward.

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  • PTSD
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  • Birth Trauma
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  • Infant Loss/Miscarriage/Stillborn
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