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Hormonal Changes in Pregnancy and Postpartum

Hormonal Changes

Pregnant and postpartum women are often referred to as “hormonally sensitive” or “hormonally imbalanced” as if this only applies to a few women. As many of us know all too well, these hormonal changes occur on a monthly basis.

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Changes in hormone levels occur during puberty, pregnancy, postpartum and during peri-menopause.

These fluctuations in hormone levels affect your body and brain and can cause you to feel depressed, weepy, anxious, irritable, grouchy, ragey, touchy, crabby, surly, snappy or just generally unpleasant

Therapy with a specialized therapist who understands the physiology can help immensely with tools and strategies. At Therapy for Moms, we are now seeing moms all over Texas so if you or someone you know is struggling and would benefit, please contact us. You were not meant to do this alone.